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Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

Our areas of expertise in Data Warehousing/BI  include:

  • Cognos
  • Informatica
  • Business Objects
  • IBM Datastage
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Hyperion
While starting with a data warehouse initiative, it is important to choose a small but effective business area. We will help in identifying the right business area to focus on and help prioritize the business problems for the different phases of the data warehouse project. 

Requirement Gathering:-
We collect the existing system reports as well as the new reporting and analytical requirements through user interviews.

Gap Analysis:-
We identify the missing components in the existing systems and how to build them in the data warehouse so that we can meet the requirements. In case of pre-built data warehouse implementations supplied by a vendor this phase will analyze the gap between the existing functionality in the pre-built data warehouse and the required functionality. 

Functional Design:-
We categorize the requirements by different functional areas and arrive at the reports, dashboards, security and other components to be delivered from the data warehouse. 

ETL Tool Evaluation and Selection:- 
Many data warehouse projects were hand coded with SQL scripts and batch jobs till recently. Now, there are many ETL tools in the market. There are advantages and disadvantages with each of these tools. The decision to buy an ETL tool depends on the functionality offered vs functionality required and the budget. We will help you evaluate and select a suitable ETL tool that meets your requirements. Our consultants have excellent experience in various ETL tools, which will help in making the right decision. 

Reporting/OLAP/Ad-hoc Query Tool Evaluation and Selection:- 
Analytical tools are the front-end tools used on top of a data warehouse to slice and dice the data. These tools are generally called as On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools. Depending on how the OLAP tools are built, they are categorized into four types namely ROLAP (Relational OLAP), MOLAP (Multi-Dimensional OLAP), DOLAP (Desktop OLAP) and HOLAP (Hybrid OLAP). We will help you understand the difference and pick the right tool for your analytical and reporting environment. 

Project Time and Cost Estimation:- 
Project time and cost estimation is a crucial part in a Datawarehouse project. We will help you in time and cost estimation by identifing the right size of the development team, time line and cost to meet the requirement. 


Our Competencies:

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